July 20, 2012
DOE fines Buckhorn mine $395,000 for water quality violations

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Political Action Water

The Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company provides high quality drinking water in political action packaging. Each bottle of Water More Precious than Gold and Water for Peace have labels containing information about environmental or peace issues. Quench your thirst, then mail a message to the president or other politicians in the empty bottle. By May 14, 2010 US postal rates for mailing a "message in a bottle" increased from $.63 to $1.39 -- proof our campaign to change social and political problems is having an impact!

How to send a message in a bottle...

Why is mining reform so important?

Mining the American West video from National Geographic.
(5 minutes)

Hardrock Mining - Re-think, Reform video from Outdoor Alliance.
(6.5 minutes)

Making waves in Washington!

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