July 20, 2012
DOE fines Buckhorn mine $395,000 for water quality violations

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The latest news from Buckhorn Mountain

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Crown Denies Responsibility for Water Problems...
Appeal of Penalty Postponed Until November 2013

Buckhorn mine fined $395,000 for water quality violations
US Department of Ecology News Release 7/20/12

Ecology Enforces Water Quality Requirements at the Buckhorn Mine
a news release from theOkanogan Highlands Alliance 7/20/12

A Mining Law Whose Time Has Passed
The New York Times 1/11/12

Buckhorn Mine Faults and Fractures More Extensive Than Understood; Contaminated Water Bypasses Dewatering Wells, Pollutes Groundwater
from the Annual Monitoring Reports of The Okanogan Highlands Alliance posted on Purewater.org 4/8/11

Who's Mining The Store?
an ACTION ALERT from Okanogan Highlands Alliance 9/14/10

Mining Interests Are Heavily Invested In Capitol Hill
by Dan Eggen, Staff WriterWashington Post 5/8/09

Comments Needed by May 20, 2009
Forest Service Proposes Approval of New Exploration on Buckhorn

a news release from theOkanogan Highlands Alliance 5/8/09

Gold Mine Broke Water Rules from the Beginning, State Says
K.C. MehaffeyWenatchee World 4/29/09

Buckhorn Gold Mine Fined $40,000 for Violating Water Quality Permit
a news release from the Department of Ecology 4/28/09

Comments Needed by July 23, 2008
Crown/Kinross has proposed *six* (not 4) new exploration sites on Buckhorn Mountain.

a news release from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 7/15/08

Comments Needed by July 13, 2008
Crown/Kinross has proposed new exploration on Buckhorn Mountain.

a news release from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 6/22/08

Accord Reached in Buckhorn Gold Mine Controversy
a news release from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 4/17/08

Cantwell opposes mine near volcano
Stephanie Mathieu TDN.com 2/08/08

Groups Appeal Proposed Buckhorn Mine Water Rights
a news release from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 11/12/07

VICTORY! House Passes 1872 Mining Law Reform, 244 to 166
a news release from EarthWorks 11/1/07

Groups Appeal Proposed Buckhorn Mine Water Quality Certification
a news release from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 10/29/07

House Natural Resources Committee Overhauls the 1872 Mining Law
a news release from Earthworks 10/24/07

Groups Appeal First Major Water Pollution Permit for Proposed Buckhorn Gold Mine
a press release from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 10/16/07

Unchanged (for the Worse) Since 1872
an editorial from The New York Times 8/20/07

Help Buckhorn Mt--Take ACTION by Sept 19 on Water Quality
an Action alert from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 8/18/07

Help Buckhorn Mountain--Take ACTION by Sept 7 on Water Rights
an Action alert from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance 8/18/07

Call Congress to Support HR2262--The Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2007
from mineralpolicy.org 7/16/07

Lawsuit Filed Against Forest Service Concerning Proposed Gold Mine Project
by Nancy Netherton, The Bureau of National Affairs 6/5/07

Send a Message in a Bottle to Prevent Mount St Helens Copper Mine
from The Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company press release 4/3/07

OHA Appeals Forest Service EIS for Proposed Buckhorn Mine Access and Other Facilities
from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance press release 3/21/07

Buckhorn Mt Needs YOUR Comments by January 2, 2007
from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance press release 12/11/06

Failures in mine permitting result in widespread WA water pollution
from Kuipers Associates press release 12/7/06

Colville Tribes Oppose Proposed Buckhorn Mine
from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance press release 11/9/06

OHA Appeals SEIS for Buckhorn Mine Proposal
from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance press release 10/20/06

State Department of Ecology Issues final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for Proposed Buckhorn Mine
from The Okanogan Highlands Alliance press release 9/15/06

Final environmental review issued for proposed gold mine
from ECOLOGY-NEWS@LISTSERV.WA.GOV news release 9/15/06

Colville Vote a Resounding "No" to Mine
By K.C. Mehaffey, Wenatchee World staff writer 3/24/06

Tell the Forest Service that Buckhorn Mt "EA" is Grossly Inadequate. Comments Needed By Jan 9th!
An update from OHBC 1/4/06

Republicans Drop Mining Provision in Bill
By MARY CLARE JALONICK, The Associated Press 12/13/05

Bill Authorizes Private Purchase of Federal Land
New York Times 11/19/05

Public Land Giveaway: Mining law changes mask a horrible idea
Salt Lake Tribune Editorial 11/15/05

Public Lands: Golden giveaway
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial Board 11/15/05

Change 1872 Mining Law? Move Causes a Stir
Reuters news item 10/27/05

Latest Buckhorn Mt. Proposal Threatens Water and Senior Water Rights
Okanogan Highlands Alliance press release 10/27/05

Newmont Trial in Indonesia Pits Environment Against Economics
The Mining News .org 8/4/05

Crown Resources buys 154 acres of Okanogan National Forest (Buckhorn Mountain) for $5 per acre
Mining Industry press releases April 20, 2005

Colville Confederated Tribes Sue EPA to Make Lake Roosevelt a Superfund Site
mineweb.net July 22, 2004

Who Owns the West? dig into EWG's interactive site to see who owns YOUR 'hood
the Environmental Working Group website's mining pages July 7, 2004

Critics Call for Reform of 1872 Mining Law. Elizabeth Arnold reports
National Public Radio "All Things Considered" episode June 22, 2004

A Letter to the Editor: Are Mining Companies Supporting Terrorism?
an OHBC news release June 2, 2004

Federal inquiry eyeing Echo Bay: Former worker says mining firm helped fund terror group
Rocky Mountain News online April 16, 2004

Your Comment Needed on Latest Buckhorn Mine and Mill Proposal by May 17
an OHBC news release April 2, 2004

Tiffany & Co. Stakes Out Bold Position on Responsible Mining
link to EARTHWORKS news, March 24, 2004

Four Protesters shot at Canadian TVI Resources' Phillipines Minesite
from a MiningWatch Canada News Release, March 17, 2004

Protect Berners Bay, Alaska from Irresponsible Mining
An alert from The Mineral Policy Center, action expired March 21, 2004

Crown/Kinross Completes Feasibility Study
from a Crown Resource News Release, December 16, 2003

Kinross Gold and Crown Resources Execute Acquisition Agreement
from Kinross News Release, November 20, 2003

Norton will permit unlimited toxic waste dumping by mining companies
OHA News Release, October 10, 2003

Kinross to buy gold project in Washington state
Reuters, October 8, 2003

Scoping Comments for New Buckhorn Mountain Mine Proposal
Due October 20, 2003

Scoping Process announced by Washington State Department of Ecology

Important Scoping Issues
Okanogan Highlands Alliance, winter 2003

Crown resources makes new plans for Buckhorn Mountain
Crown Resource press release, January 23, 2003

Plans for open-pit gold mine ditched
Seattle Times, July 25, 2001

Proposed Gold Mine divides the Okanogan
Seattle PI, June 14, 2001

A Solid Victory!
Buckhorn Bulletin March, 2001

Judges Verbatum Remarks on BMG Appeal of PCHB decision
Buckhorn Bulletin March, 2001

Mining Industry Gets New 3809 Regulations
Buckhorn Bulletin, March, 2001

Favors to mining industry could block stronger regulations, allow unlimited dumping
Mineral Policy Center, July 11 2000

Newmont and BMG Merge!
PR Newswire June 21, 2000

Anti-environmental Mining Rider Enacted Without Vote?
Mineral Policy Center, June 16, 2000

Fresh water supplies are drying up in many countries,
but Canadians treat water as an unlimited source

Mining Is Top Toxic Polluter in the US, yet legislation blocks protection
Mineral Policy Center, May 11 2000

Anti-environmental rider on agricultureal appropriations bill,
special favor to hardrock mining industry
Mineral Policy Center, May 10 2000

DOE won't appeal PCHB rulings; BMG files last minute appeal
Okanogan Highlands Alliance, March 15, 2000

Ecology will not challenge ruling on gold mine permit
DOE press release March 15, 2000

Gov Locke response to citizen letters
Governor Locke's office, February 29, 2000

Letter to Editor
Gazette Tribune, February 29, 2000

BMG pressures WA Gov Locke
Spokesman Review, February 8, 2000

Gold mine rejected by state board
Seattle PI, January 20, 2000

BLM Can Reject Mines to Protect Cultural Resources and the Environment
Mineral Policy Center January 14, 2000

Uncivil Action: NW Mining Association tries to Change Image
Editorial December, 1999

Public Outcry Strengthens Clinton-Gore Stance
Mineral Policy Center, November 19, 1999

Anti-Environmental Riders Still Need Unhorsing as Budget Negotiations Continue
Mineral Policy Center, November 12, 1999

Urge Clinton-Gore not to accept anti-environmental riders!
Mineral Policy Center, October 29, 1999

House folds on Interior Bill anti-environmental riders
Mineral Policy Center, October 21, 1999

Congressional conferees issue a 'free pass' to dump mine waste on public lands
Mineral Policy Center, October 13, 1999

Mine licensing process too lax
Seattle PI, October 10, 1999

Battle Mountain Gold Removed from Domini Social Index
Okanogan Highlands Alliance, August 18, 1999

PCHB denies BMG's Motion for summary judgment in appeal of water quality certification for gold mine
Okanogan Highlands Alliance, August 13, 1999

EPA orders State to take action against water-polluting San Luis mine
August 11, 1999

Don't legalize massive mine waste dumps on public lands. Ask your Senator to strike the mining rider
Mineral Policy Center, July 21, 1999

Victory in the House of representatives--RAHALL-INSLEE-SHAYS AMENDMENT PASSES
Okanogan Highlands Alliance July 15, 1999

Anti-enviro Rider Would Strip Limits on Mine Waste Dumping
Mineral Policy Center, June 24,1999

Testimony to Senate Subcommittee re: Crown Jewel by OHA's Dave Kliegman
Okanogan Highlands Alliance, June 15, 1999

The saga of the millsite decision continues
Mineral Policy Center, June 15, 1999

Mining Industry Meets Its Match in Attorney for the 'Underdogs'
Colorado Springs Gazzette June 6, 1999

Tell the President what you think about the hippocracy of Slade's democracy
Sign-on letter to the White House action ended

Acrobatic Slade Flips on Vote
Seattle PI Op-Ed, May 19, 1999

House Passes
Seattle PI Op-Ed, May 19, 1999

Mine will affect more than the Colville tribe.
Seattle PI, May 18, 1999

Relief Spending Bogged Down with Pet Projects
New York Times, May 14, 1999

Slippery Snake Gorton : Law Penned as He Knelt Before Lobbyists
newspaper, May 13, 1999

Public Outcry: Don't Sneak
Seattle PI Op-Ed, 1999

BLM Nixes Mine, Miners Call Ruling the Pits.
April 8, 1999

Law Denies Mine
OHA Website News March 3, 1999

Don't like it? Don't Drink it!
editorial from the Gazette-Tribune Oroville, WA, February 1999

The Threatening Letters - Omak Cinema receives "information" about water.
Wenatchee World Wenatchee WA, February 18, 1999

Miffed by Mountain Mist.
OHBC News Release, 1998

Could bottled water venture be more precious than gold?
Daily Journal of Commerce Seattle, WA, May 12, 1998

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